Who Profits Most Wen You Visit Your Doctor?



My doctor is a lovely lady. She is quite pretty physically, but in the proper sense of “pretty” she is kind, thoughtful and understanding. I do not really have to visit her except that, to “cover her back” for my insurance company, because the French readings for blood pressure put you onto chemicals when in UK or USA you are not anywhere near it, I am obliged to enjoy her company. It is just another of the ways the French are addicted to taking drugs when there is really no need. But it highlights another problem. How the drugs companies rule the world.

I reckon I am a reasonably intelligent sort of chap, with, I believed, an idea of how the world is ticking, even though the movement is becoming a bit decrepit. I am used to seeing the profit margins of the petrol companies and the banks being rolled out every quarter, with gob-smacking trillions of profits, which of course, are nothing to do with the price we pay at the pumps or for their poor service. And then I read a short article on what the drug companies are up to – the profits that they are raking in thanks to our ongoing suffering. http://www.bbc.com/news/business-28212223. One of them, Pfizer, is declaring profits towards 50%. The UK gang are bit less successful in ripping us off but doing very nicely, thank you. But, before we say, « good for them » for being so successful, let us look for a moment at what they pay for prior to publishing the profit figures. I offer a hypothesis.

In the UK, there is a small army of drug company paid people not actually employées working in offices or laboratories. There are reputed to be somewhere around 10,000 of them, if we are to believe one suggestion, who are « lobbyists ». These are the prople who « present the information » to parliamentarians, Civil Servants, et al, about what they should be using in the country’s health systems. Of course, there is no suggestion as to whether any money or other inducement changes hands. Then there is another small army who are « moderators » of the blogs. They have got themselves into positions where they control what is allowed or otherwise on the internet discussions. If they find something that is not of the chemical company line they ensure it gets deleted or ridiculed. (I know ; I am blocked from several.)

Then there is army, probably not so small, who operates in places like the European Parliament. Taking into account that the Euro MPs’ have some fairly high expenses, with accommodation in both Brussels and Strasbourg to pay for, almost certainly with the requisite « home comforts » in both locations,  then their puny salary of £6,500 a month with an expenses allowance of a little over £3,200 a month, with a few more additons, may need topping up. Who better than the representatives of the drug companies, keen to ensure that their highly profitable drugs are taken on by every possible country of the 28 member states, to make their contributions ?  What? you ask ; 28 different countries représentatives to be « induced » ? It just might be, my friends.

And then what about the “folk at home”, the Directors. This might shed some light.http://www.glassdoor.com/Salary/Pfizer-Senior-Director-Salaries-E525_D_KO7,22.htm as well as other senior executives.

As a devoted Capitalist I concur that each should be paid according to his or her due. I have had every reason to enjoy the benefits of my labours over my working life. But the question could be asked of the medical industry; who suffers most when we go to the doctor? The prescription we take for granted adds to our costs; our social charges. As the BBC article states, some “cures” are costing massive sums. And their success is imited. Their side effects often defy belief.

The one really sad thing here is that the alternative remedy group is not like the drug companies. We are too fragmented. There is no one strong central body that people like us can be involved with; so our voice is broken. The fact we can offer a cure for cancer, for example, which is totally benign but not in the mainstream system, for only a few hundred £ maximum, when the drug barons charge nearly £50,000 for treatments that are less likely to succeed, are more painful, do more harm to name but some of the downsides, seems to me to be iniquitous.

So why do our press, politicians, civil servants and health professionals not promote the use the natural remedies that are clinically proven to work?

The answer just may be in the hypothesis.

John Osborne, a Naturopath of many years experience, works with the leading authorities in the world on the natural ways to cure serious illness. John is readily contactable via his web sites, www.homecures.co.uk or www.happygirlcup.com, where he is happy to advise on all forms of natural treatment for bodily sickness. (John is not a doctor so is not able to offer any diagnosis.)

It is not just food you can get in a restaurant; You can get a life!

A friend of ours, we will call him N, runs a mountain top restaurant with his friend B. N is the chef and presenter of very delicate and tasty dishes on plates decorated with designs in sauces to eat with pictures of about anything edible; my wife, who runs a cat rescue charity, even had her plate designed with kittens around the edge. B, his much younger partner is front of house, If you want to know what is happening in the locality, he can tell you. 

Some months back we noticed a change in the couple, N had obviously lost weight and B was much less chirpy. It finally transpired that N had suffered from cancer for some months, but not told anyone let alone B. No matter what or which, it was cancer. He is a good friend of ours so it was no problem to simply ask him  if he would take Curcumin 98(TM) and suggested to him how much curcumin should take a day. We were repulsed. We were shaken. We were shocked. He had seen and heard the results of taking Curcumin from us for years. Despite this he avowed to follow the chemical route.

N had his operation, his chemo therapy, with all its side effects, and they included being shut up in a recovery hospital for months, until finally during a conversation about something completely different with my wife, he blurted out “the cancer is everywhere; they cannot stop it.” Then he told her a little tale. 
His hotel is on the main motor bike run between Germany and The Vosges Mountains, an area of outstanding beauty in the North of France. A group of bikers arrived in the restaurant for lunch and, during the usual chit chat, N told them of his problems. The group heard him out, saying nothing. Finally, one said, “We are all doctors; we can tell you that the only way you have a chance of being cured is by taking curcumin.”
This is not the only time that I have heard this; another client of ours, as he left his final and useless visit to the oncology clinic was followed into the car park by his consultant who, quite candidly, told the man to get curcumin as quickly as possible for any chance of recovery. He did and told us later of his cure success.
There are many people who avow that all sorts of things can cure cancer. Anything from Bicarbonate of Soda to Grapefruit juice  Maybe these work; may be not. All I ask is to be shown where is the repeated clinical proof, such as Curcumin enjoys, with its 5,000 + clinical papers on human recovery success increasing almost daily.
If you want to see good results, get some 99,97% Pure curcumin inside you as quickly as you can. 
John Osborne, a Naturopath of many years experience, works with the leading authorities in the world on the natural ways to cure serious illness. John is readily contactable via his web site, www.homecures.co.uk where he is happy to advise on all forms of natural treatment for bodily sickness. (John is not a doctor so is not able to offer any diagnosis.)

How Can Serrapeptase help Cure Cancer?

When ever I write anything, on a blog or article, I always have used clinically proven information. When you are dealing with life threatening illness, it is not the time to try to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. But in this case, I am going off that for a little, but using independently found information.

We know that Curcumin, not CurcumA, which is a spice, is the most effective way to prevent and cure cancer; this is a well proven fact with many thousands of clinical papers to confirm it. We also know, equally solidly shown, that following any surgical intervention, the use of Serrapeptase speeds up recovery by substantial margins; 50% or more accord to some data. But there is no data showing the use of the two together in the treatment of cancer. (This I hope to have resolved, but of course, clinical trials take time.) Thus, I have a theory that needs to be put to the test; if a good quality Serrapeptase, such as found on www.homecures.co.uk, is used in conjunction with Home Cures  Curcumin99(TM) will this enable a faster recovery rate in the treatment of cancer? Ad my theory says “Yes”. And  I will tell you why.

Serrapeptase “eats” non living tissue that is found in the body. This dead protein, in the aftermath of a curcumin cancer cure – or any other cure for that matter – as after a surgical operation when it is known its use enhances recovery, is removed by the action of the Serrapeptase. Thus, when the cancer cells are killed off by the curcumin, if they are removed from the body by the Serrapeptase, it stands to reason that the recovery will be enhanced, as in an operation.

I have suggested this to my patients and those who have taken up the idea seem to recover quite rapidly. I have no means of checking or controlling this, but from the feedback of our clients there seems to be a case. I hope for this to be proved in the near future.

There is one logic in all this; and that is that by the taking of a couple of capsules of Home Cures  Curcumin99(TM) a day, which costs less than a cigarette or a drink, the chances of avoiding any severe illness are increased abundantly. Add a daily dose of Serrapeptase to remove the “rubbish” from your body and you increase that chance even more!

What could be simpler to staying healthy? www.homecures.co.uk



Curcumin99(TM) is the Best Cancer Cure.

In the past, I extolled the benefits of curcumin with piperine. And we did get some excellent results with that mix. But, believe it or not, there is better. But first, let me tell why piperine got to be added to curcumin. And why it is has been shown that piperine is not necessary.

Curcumin on its own is effective – it was once Patented by the chemical producers in US but the ruling was quashed – so they now deny its effectiveness. My Mentor, Dr. Bharat . B Aggarwal, mentioned in one of his lecture videos, and others around the world have produced over 5,000 clinical papers to offer confirmation of this and hope to anyone who wants to overcome these so called “incurable diseases”, by prevention and cure of cancer and most other “incurable diseases” just by using Curcumin. And, I have checked with Dr. Aggarwal, curcumin goes well alongside chemotherapy.

The use of Piperine with Curcumin is rather like the tale of “you have to drink 2 litres of water a day”. That was started by a “quack doctor” in the 1800′s who was selling water off his wagon in the desert. So was piperine added to poorer quality curcumin to boost its potency. However, Home Cures Curcumin 99(TM) is 99,9% pure; anything “added” to it would only dilute its potency. As one lady recently told us “You may be interested to know that I have both chronic lymphatic leukaemia and pulmonary fibrosis and taking a regular dose of Home Cures Curcumin and Serrapeptase has got everything under control and I am fit and well. Many Thanks. Mrs. C.S. UK.”  And Curcumin 99(TM) is odourless and tasteless so can be taken with food, given to small animals in the powder form as well as to children of all ages. Just mix with honey, warm milk or whatever they will take.
As for things like breast cancer, which seems to be ever increasing, you might like to read the following - http://www.naturalnews.com/037879_curcumin_cancer_cells_turmeric.html#ixzz2RrFKsX1E. The Chinese are not the only ones reporting this; The Cancer Centre in Cork, Ireland and a German study are others who have confirmed the findings. Curcumin is used by centres across the globe in the prevention and cure of cancer and all the other awful diseases the medical industry promotes.

To almost certainly prevent cancer and the other so called “incurable diseases” we in my family take 2 capsules of our Home Cures Curcumin99(TM) a day. It is hardly a heavy cost. For most needs, start on 2 capsules for about a week then, if you wish, gradually go up to say 6 or 8  a day until effects are noticed then cut back as required. The chances are you will gain significantly.

You might also look at a video I have made – a précis of the above mentioned rather technical lecture Dr. Aggarwal gave a year or two back – (his is  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XT7vXV7MCmE.) That was directed for particular students but covers all forms of cancer.

My video is in https://www.youtube.com/user/homecures1

So do not be afraid to go “outside the box”. The medical industry want you to help them make huge profits with only a very small chance of being rid of cancer. The natural route, Curcumin 99(TM) vastly improves your chances. So why not take it?



Ladies Run a Lot of Risks They Know Nothing About.

For decades the gentle sex has been been given a rough ride. Quietly and almost unnoticed, they have been unknowingly subjected to possible illness and/or injury in the most delicate of places. What goes into or on their “inner sanctum” is, in this modern world, nearly always not what it is made out to be.
Did you know that tampons and sanitary towels are ever increasingly being found to be causes of severe health problems. Without going into the debate as to why, it does not take much imagination to see that a chlorine bleached, dry plug, or one that has a coating of the same chemical they put on linoleum to make it shine, being forced into the body is probably not the most ideal way of retaining good health And, a sanitary towel, equally chemically treated, rubbing between your legs, is not the best way to stay free of infection. My wife used to get an infection from a sanitary towel almost every month from even the most expensive brands.
And, talking about money, have you ever sat down and totted up what your monthly, annual, lifetime bill is if you use either tampons or towels? And then there is the medication on top of that to treat the problems they cause. (Don’t take my word for it – do your own research on such as http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/features/tampons_003834.htm or ask a chemist.)
So what’s new to solve this problem? Well, “new” may be not the right word. for MENSTRUAL or MENSTRUATION  CUPS”  have been around for over 150 years! Probably not the most comfortable in the early days, but now they are “invisible” in both fact and feel.  But they have tended to be a bit costly as well; and you only need to look at what is on the market in the stores to know why. The packaging is fantastic. If you buy many a Menstrual Cup in a shop, you get a lovely carton with the cup, Easter Egg style in a multi coloured box. That, my friends, you open – and promptly add it the massive overdose of waste that is polluting our planet.

Happy Girl Cup

a new brand of medical silicone Menstrual Cup, has arrived that costs less than any quality menstruation cup and is just a good. Why does it cost less? Because it comes to you “ready to use”. No fancy packaging, just Eco Presentation, arriving with a discreet storage bag and a zip seal sachet for sanitary security. In two sizes, for ladies before or after childbirth and two colours, pink or blue, with detailed instructions as to how to start using it if you have not done so before and with a money back guarantee.

There cost of living is going up all the time; our health interests by the medical industry are going down even faster. So, look after yourselves. And The

Happy Girl Cup

 is one way to do it.

Happy Girl Cup

can be found at www.homecures.co.uk or for French speaking people on www.remede-naturel.net.

John Osborne, a Naturopath of many years experience, works with the leading authorities in the world on the natural ways to cure serious illness. John is readily contactable via his web site, www.homecures.co.uk where he is happy to advise on all forms of natural treatment for bodily sickness. (John is not a doctor so is not able to offer any diagnosis.)

Mata Hari had Thousands of Lovers – But Never Got Cancer!

I have always had a fascination about the story of Mata Hari, otherwise known as Lady McLoed, but she was not a Scot she was Dutch. Her maiden name was Marguerite Gertrude Zelle. In her fascinating book, Julia Keay reveals all about this enigmatic lady who used her body to achieve fame, fortune, poverty and scandal, finally to be shot in October 1917 as she was in the wrong place at the wrong time in 1914 and was taken for a spy by the French. I will not go on about her – read the book, if you can get a copy; it is a gripping, ripping tale! (The Spy Who Never Was; Michael Joseph or Isis Large Print.)

The essence of Mata Hari’s life was that she achieved great wealth and fame by the use of her body as a “dancer” and as a Courtesan. She tried to ensure she had a man every night – not always successfully – or was in the situation of being a “kept woman”. It is evident that Mata Hari had a large number of sexual partners. But, contrary to modern similarities, her well used body seemingly remained illness free. We must ask – Why? How?

It is a well known fact that by “Papilloning”, or flitting from one “flower” to another by ladies whose life revolves around such practices is the cause of many types of vaginal and cervical cancer, not to mention getting pregnant or the many Sexually Transmitted Diseases that abound today. At the beginning of the 1900′s, the idea of men of the type she entertained using the new fangled condom was probably not even thought about. The possibilities open to ladies at that time for their own prevention was probably just a sponge. So how she avoided falling pregnant leaves a big question. But, much more importantly, she seemingly avoided any “incurable disease”. With no protection and, not to put too fine a point on it, a very well used part of her anatomy remaining unprotected, what enabled this Courtesan to avoid the dreaded Big C?

And the answer is almost certainly, that if she were living today, she would be in the 70% risk bracket  of getting cancer. So why the massive chance of illness today and not 100 years ago? Because, at that time there was no “cancer industry”. Dr. Beyer had only Patented his first medication – Aspirin – a few years before. The “chemical industry” had not woken up to the hundreds of billions of profit to be gained by inducing diseases through the introduction of illness causing ingredients, such as aluminium and fluoride in water, Bisphenol-A put into plastic and metal containers, which is a great way to induce cancers  - one research item said that from tests on mice the amount of BPA in a tin of vegetables is enough to give a young girl a significant increase in the incidence  of breast cancer – and so on. Equally, Mata Hari was not open to the “prepared food” industry, where chemicals of huge proportions are used today; she ate fresh food, from the farm rather than from a factory. Today, other than our visit to the Farm Shop,not available to many of us, what food does not come from a “factory environment”? The list of ways used to create a greater profit from cancer is gigantic!

And there is another side to this tale. Have you noticed how much publicity is given to any well known person who gets cancer. It is trumpeted. How a well known star was enticed to have her breasts cut off “in case she got cancer”. Please can anyone tell me how cutting off a perfectly fit and live organ will stop a cancer? So, what if Mata Hari was alive today? She would have, according to one French document published in Santé Magazine, March, 2012,  a 70% chance of getting cancer. Then the “cancer industry” would have had a field day.

It is up to us to protect ourselves. And, we must take care to ensure that we do not fall into the hands of those whose intent is just the opposite. So, to be as good as 100% certain of avoiding any from of cancer take two 500 mg Capsules of  95% Standardised Curcumin a day. The clinical proof is out there.

John Osborne, a Naturopath of many years experience, works with the leading authorities in the world on the natural ways to cure serious illness. John is readily contactable via his web site, www.homecures.co.uk where he is happy to advise on all forms of natural treatment for bodily sickness. (John is not a doctor so is not able to offer any diagnosis.)

We Have The Cure – But We are Not Allowed to Use It

Imagine, if you will, the following scenario. You have been shot and you are taken to a hospital and left by people who “do not want to know”. You are in a cubicle where you hear the doctor tell a nurse that unless they do something for you, you will be dead in a few hours. You know that you are slowly fading away; you beg them to help you. But they just walk away. The only thing you know is that you are alone,

This, my friends, is the case in the world today if you have cancer or any other so called “incurable disease”. Because, if you are suffering from a terminal problem, the medical industry has absolutely no interest in getting you better. They are very keen to keep you coming back, so that the chemicals they are pushing into your body continue to do whatever it is they are doing; but they are almost certainly not curing you. And let tell me how I know this.

I have a client who was a cancer patient. He was put on a regime of treatment in a well known hospital where they have literally thousands of cancer patients. And, in his words, he felt worse after each visit. All his symptoms remained; he was not getting better. After months of this, his frustration, let alone his pain, was beyond all bounds. Then he heard about us and what we were doing for people in his state. And while he was with us he told us, and these are his words, not mine “as I was leaving the hospital after my last visit I was joined by one of the team treating me, in the car park. I asked him why I was not getting any better and his reply was this – <we know that there is a cure for cancer, but we are not allowed to use it. It is Curcumin.>

Shocked, frightened and angry, my client has not gone back to that hospital again; instead, he came to us where, from the very beginning of his new natural regime, he became a different man. His pain levels were reduced; his energy level was on the up; and he knew in his heart his body was on the mend. The story is not over as he continues to stay natural and, naturally, is getting better.

Most cancer – and other “incurable disease” centres are the same. They dispense horrendously expensive chemicals to feed the gravy train of profits of the the medical industry in the certain knowledge that the effects at best will add, according to research, an average of two months life extension, at worst could even do nothing at all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XT7vXV7MCmE.

I have offered curcumin to those claiming to be charity cancer hospitals. I have not even had the courtesy of a reply. Are they all controlled by the chemical barons?

(For a shortened version of the above lecture, please see the “Mother Nature” video in the following library.https://www.youtube.com/user/homecures1 )

John Osborne is an experienced Naturopath with over 35 years of active research and practice behind him. This blog, and one on another of the benefits of Mother Nature’s Miracles, www.bestserrapeptase.co.uk are information sites designed to publish and help the awareness of ways to ensure the best of health possible. If you have any questions or wish help on any subject relating to natural health please contact John through his web site, www.home-cures.net.

What Is In The Bottle or Can Can Kill You, Especially If You Are Pregnant.

“We all encounter health hazards on a daily basis and must take personal responsibility for our health. There are important health messages about how to stay healthy in pregnancy.” So says Fergus Walsh, the Health correspondent for the BBC. He is, of course right. And it is not only in pregnancy, although this is the future of mankind. But, not to put too fine a point on it, how on earth, in this world of high powered advertising and promotion, can most of us, already fully occupied with just living, making ends meet and somehow coping with our day to day needs, take the time to even start looking at what is good or not good for us? And surely, when we go to the supermarket to buy our food and drink, the producers take the trouble to ensure that what we get is good for us?

Not on your life, my friend. It is, in fact just the opposite. The vast majority of what is sold in the supermarket is not only not good for us – it is, in many cases, allowed or designed to make us ill; very ill. In fact, the “cancer industry” – and it is a massive multi billion market – is alive and thriving well. In an article published in 2010, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-11843820, the BBC reported how the EU had banned the use of Bisphenol A in the manufacture of babies bottles, due to its cancer inducing properties. Bisphenol A or BPA, is used in the production of not only all types of plastic bottles, for both food and non food use, it is also used in the metal can industry. In a recent study in France they estimate that there is enough BPA absorbed by tinned sausages so that if a  mouse were eat just one of them that dose of BPA in the sausage would almost certainly give the animal breast cancer. (Digest Familiale, Novembre 2013.) All edibles, such as tinned vegetables, meat, you name it, absorbs BPA. And as in many things it is not the  individual dose that is the main worry, it is the fact that over a period of time the amount of BPA absorbed from enjoying both tinned and bottled food enhances the chances of attracting cancer by a very high percentage. So, it is easy to see that a deliberate effort is being made to boost the cancer industry by the use of BPA, which can be easily replaced by other products.

Is there a way to avoid this hazard? Yes, several, in fact. First of course, do not buy food or drinks that are in tins or plastic. Not easy, you say! Quite right – almost impossible except that it is possible simply by buying frozen foods – which are fresher than “fresh foods” because they are put into a freezer very quickly after picking and so retain their nutrients which “fresh foods” do not,and that avoids 100% any cans. For drinks, at worst, filter your water or buy a machine that carbonates that filtered water, add a syrup and get your “fizzy drinks”. And, by the way, any good brand of syrup is fine with all the fizzy drinks machines; you do not have to buy the expensive stuff supplied by the machine maker – they only put their label on the ordinary stuff! But how do you prevent from getting cancer and the other so called “incurable diseases” when you are not able to totally eliminate the use of plastic bottles and tins? That is easy too, and far from expensive. As one example, just yesterday I saw tins and bottles of a certain brand of beer. The bottles were cheaper!!! It is not the price per unit that is important – it is the price per kilo or litre or pint or pound as well as the ingredients. We MUST shop sensibly and carefully if we want to stay healthy.

But all is not lost. There is, for the vast majority of us Westerners, no reason why we should get cancer or any of the other so called “incurable diseases” that big pharmaceutical companies encourage. For less then the price of a few cigarettes or a glass of wine a daily intake of Home Cures Curcumin + will add massively to your resistance to these killers. http://www.home-cures.net/index.php?id_product=107&controller=product And, it is believed by the Ebola Virus information site that Curcumin is more than useful in the protection against this killer, too.http://ebolavirus.net/the-real-value-of-turmeric-extract-for-health/.

Look at the video – the clinical proof is there – by the thousand. https://www.youtube.com/user/homecures1

John Osborne is an experienced Naturopath with over 35 years of active research and practice behind him. This blog, and one on another of the benefits of Mother Nature’s Miracles, www.bestserrapeptase.co.uk are information sites designed to publish and help the awareness of ways to ensure the best of health possible. If you have any questions or wish help on any subject relating to natural health please contact John through his web site, www.home-cures.net. 

The Good News Is – There Is A Cure for Cancer.

And the bad news is – no one in the medical industry will touch it. Why? Because it is almost 100% effective in curing any known type of cancer. It kills it dead. No chemicals; no toxicity; no bad side effects; and it is cheap. It costs less than a glass of beer a day.

Just take one quick look at what is actually happening. By going to the great lengths of needlessly humiliating people like Angelina Jolie who was “persuaded” to have her breasts cut off “to prevent cancer” – which is absolute rubbish, as removing any good organ does not prevent cancer in any way at all – the money grabbing purveyors of poison, otherwise known as the medical industry, gains massive publicity. The spin off of that event is that this same abominable machine has the power to induce the head of The World Health Organisation to tell the world that 28 million of us will get cancer. Thus, by creating fear they, the people who say that they are the protectors of our health, gain a mass more money – keeping us sick. If fear and stress are not illness making, what is??

So let us look at the facts. In brief the good ones are that there is no known cancer that cannot be cured naturally by the use of Curcumin; one only has to look at this document to see that this is true. -http://www.curcuminresearch.org. And even the most virulent form of breast cancer, almost universally feared as “incurable” is now known to succumb to curcumin -http://www.naturalnews.com/037879_curcumin_cancer_cells_turmeric.html#ixzz2RrFKsX1E.

The bad news – and there is essentially just one – is MONEY. Start at the bottom of the ladder, the doctor you see. He has no intention of curing you. If he does he loses a client – for we are just clients in his shop – and his income drops. It is increasingly being shown that the big pharmaceutical companies pay the doctors to push their latest, most profitable drug, irrespective of its effects, beneficial or otherwise. The Chinese started the enquiry; the Poles are following and of course, the other countries, who will either receive more money to keep quiet or tell the truth. (As the EU bureaucrats are reportedly getting rather large sums of money paid into offshore bank accounts to pervert the cause of justice and legality, two examples being the allowing of the Monsanto brigade to take out restrictive Patents on Fennel seeds and other vegetables ,”around a dozen new patents will be granted, covering species such as broccoli, onions, melons, lettuce and cucumber.” prohibiting their propagation except by the Patentee, the chance of the EU trapping the fingers of the chemical boys does have a ring of remoteness about it;) http://www.no-patents-on-seeds.org/en/information/background/president-european-patent-office-gives-green-light-patents-plants-and-animals.

And we must bear in mind that these individuals, on salaries to make your eyes water and expenses sheets that turn them into annual millionaires are not granting these life suffocating Patents out of the kindness of their hearts or for the benefit of humankind.

So what can we, the humans who need to be in as good a state of health as possible, do to ensure our wellbeing? The answer to that is simple. Ignore totally anything put in front of you, by big business, television or radio, newspaper or internet until you are totally satisfied that it can be corroborated and is true. Ignore also the well publicised “reports” of the uselessness or even worse, “dangers” of natural medicines. The last two of these I checked, and one was on St. John’s Wort, the other a lesser know herb, which reported “the dangers”, I found the “research” to have been financed by – yes you guessed it – Big Pharma. The French institute that apparently researches the ill effects of mobile telephone is financed and its Director paid for – yes you guessed – by the second largest telecoms company in France.

I have spent over 35 years digging and researching what works and what does not. One of the things I know does work for cancer and a mass of other so celled “incurable diseases”  is 95% Standardised Curcumin, preferably with a tiny bit of Piperine in it to aid absorption.

With over 2,000 clinically proven papers to back up this fact and with the guidance of the world’s leading authorities on the subject, that is why Home cures – www.home-cures.net – can offer the world the finest Curcumin for Cancer available.

John Osborne is an experienced Naturopath with over 35 years of active research and practice behind him. This blog, and one on another of the benefits of Mother Nature’s Miracles, www.bestserrapeptase.co.uk are information sites designed to publish and help the awareness of ways to ensure the best of health possible. If you have any questions or wish help on any subject relating to natural health please contact John through his web site, www.home-cures.net. 

Cerebral Palsy – A Thing to be Rid Of.

I had a telephone call recently from a young lady who has a long list of problems that I think might just interest you. Not particularly for the long list, but from the way she has been “treated” by her medical team. I would not say this to her directly, but it is a disgrace at the way she has not been given the care she should have.

She gave me quite a run-down of her problems which essentially include, asthma, depression and cerebral palsy. She told me she had been given one of the nastier – no name here – anti depressants which luckily she is intelligent enough to leave untouched. For her other problems she was prescribed paracetamol. Yes, you heard it, paracetamol. And that is all! And, of course, hereby hangs a tale.

A doctor’s training is essentially based on two things, - diagnosis and treatment; a good and proper  but all too often rushed or skimped diagnosis is essential – treatment is an altogether different and a  huge subject. But for almost every Medically trained Doctor it consists only of a list of current and past  chemicals. Things that man has made and sells at a huge profit. None of that medical training consists of what foods their patient should eat – or not eat – or what alternative remedies might be applied. The end result of this failing is easy to see. The patient rarely is going to get better!! And, as the following extract shows - Also there is increasing evidence that many current drug therapies simply suppress symptoms and ignore the underlying disease processes. In contrast, many natural products appear to address the cause of many diseases and yield superior clinical results. Unfortunately, most physicians and patients are not aware that these natural alternatives exist. But research in this field is a never ending process. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3249899/#ref10) doctors deliberately ignore what cures. And my client wants to change her doctor’s regime.

It does not take long to find out what can be put into place for possibly a complete remedy. A quick trawl of the net produces many thousands of documents on how curcumin is beneficial for people with cerebral palsy. Curcumin certainly has a hoard of beneficial effects especially in neurology is the summing up of a paper published in 2012 entitled – “Curcumin in Neurology” from the Department of Internal Medicine, Medwin Hospital, Nampally, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India – (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3271601/).

My personal experience of the use of curcumin is growing almost daily. Of course, I have read many clinical trials results, papers by the dozen and now that we have settled the question of what works and what does not – and Curcuma Longa – Turmeric – does not work for us Westerners, I have arrived at another conclusion; that when coupled with the addition of 80,000 iu Serrapeptase – (http://www.home-cures.net/index.php?id_product=107&controller=product) a speedier result can be optioned in almost every instance. The logic of this is simple. Whilst the curcumin is “boosting” the system, there will inevitably be “rubbish” that is created as the dead material is  removed. This “dead material” is dead protein. Serrapeptase “eats” dead protein. Thus, the healing process can be accelerated. This is a known and a clinically proven fact in such as post operative treatment. The “work” of the curcumin is on similar lines to that of an operation.

Thus in cases where there is a need for a “chronic” response to a “chronic” problem, the use of both 95% Standardised Curcumin with 1% Piperine and 80,000 iu Serrapeptase appears to produce improved results. As there have been no studies done on this, I can only offer my opinion. However, at worst the combination can do little; at best it can work miracles of a magnitudes unknown to the medical world. And in the case of cerebral palsy and more of these so called “incurable diseases” there is only one way to go; TRY IT! No harm may come. Much good may.

John Osborne is a Naturopath of over 35 years experience. His work is based on finding the right answer to each problem, using no matter what natural means to do so. He embraces physiology, homeopathy, as well as other streams such as enzymes and oils. John is not a doctor thus is unable to offer any diagnosis. He can, however, offer advice and suggestions for the resolution of almost any type of physical ailment. John may be contacted through his web site www.home-cures.net.